What’s up, Em?!?

Check out Emily performing with The Unessentials Dueling Pianos:

Here’s a recent performance at The Unessentials Dueling Pianos at their home club:


new music

Emily’s first album “Burn Them All” is available almost everywhere on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube…. basically anywhere you can stream music! Her lightly experimental album was entirely recorded during the pandemic with musicians from around the world. She’s heavily inspired by piano singer-song writers, alternative rock and of course a little theater.

Check out one of Emily’s featured songs on her album, “Burn The All”.

New nyc musical- stay tuned

Emily just wrapped up filming a new musical in New York City this summer. More information on her latest project soon!

Used and Borrowed Time

Available to watch on Amazon Prime

2020 Christmas Single

Enjoy your socially distanced holiday by being reminded (through song) about how much the year 2020 really DID suck!

Her First Single: Simple Song

Emily’s first released single is available on streaming services everywhere.

Quarantine CONTENT: ASPCA parody Video

Actor Parody video created by Emily Seibert and Gavin Rohrer