Emily Seibert was raised in a small town in Connecticut in a noisy, rambunctious household. With three boisterous brothers and a house bursting with energy, Emily’s family dinners usually included singing and a LOT of character impressions from everyone at home. She “forced” her brothers to put on plays in the living room for years before she even hit the stage.


Her parents soon became taxi cab drivers for her as she became a competitive dancer, performing up and down the east coast for 15 years.  When she wasn’t dancing, she found other excuses to frequent the stage, whether it was as a musician or as an actor. She was in the first graduating class at Oxford High School as Salutatorian and excitedly chose to study journalism and theater.

While she attended Quinnipiac University, her department penned her the nickname Macgyver: if something needed to get done, Emily would figure out an unconventional solution! Over the course of 4 years she would refine her acting skills and discover her talents in light design, stage management, choreography, music direction and stage makeup. She would unabashedly (and often) be seen walking around campus looking like this:

Emily Bloody

Or even this:

Emily Skeleton.jpg

After she graduated with a mountain of debt (and a healthy fear of squirrels), Quinnipiac University immediately hired her to come in and work on several of their productions over the next few years. She spent two summers working on a drama therapy program in Nicaragua and stretched herself across the Connecticut theater scene.

Since college, Emily’s been traveling around the world performing, whether it’s at a regional theater or on a cruise ship. Her latest ventures have been down in Florida working as a dueling pianist, and she’ll be hopping on a few different ships for Norwegian Cruise Lines this year performing for Howl at Sea. She covers the east coast performing between her home in NYC as well as down in Tampa, Florida. Her greatest loves are red pandas, dancing in the rain and a strong, black cup of coffee.